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Professional Massage Therapies

You can choose the most suitable massage among our massage therapies under the guidance of our professional team. We offer many massage types including but not limited to Deep Tissue, Classic (Swedish), Mix, Aromatherapy, Bali, Sport, and Anti-Stress.

Turkish Hamam

Get ready for a unique experience in our authentic Turkish Hamam where you can feel warm, comfortable, and spoiled. You can experience our traditional Turkish Hamam culture in Scopus Spa.

Peeling & Foam

In Turkish culture, Hamam has an important place in everyday lives of people. We only use natural olive soaps for treatments such as peeling, foam bath, and foam massage. Through these therapies, your skin will be silky smooth and also your whole body will be relieved of dead skin cells and clogged pores. Don’t miss this healthy and enjoyable experience.


How would you like to have a Jacuzzi experience in Scopus Spa? For our guests who would love to benefit from its warm hydro massage, we offer a luxurious jacuzzi service. If you buy a massage, jacuzzi is free to use before your massage therapy.

Steam Room & Sauna

Sauna and steam room are the most fundamental aspects of a spa center. In the 19th century, sauna was the single most hygienic place used for birth operations and other treatments. We recommend you to use both of these treatments before your massage therapy to not only get your muscles warm but also to get the toxins out of your body.

Relaxing Area

For our guests who would like to rest between or after treatments such as massage, hamam, sauna, and steam, we have thought of everything and designed a place for you to relax and enjoy your moments. In the relax, we offer complimentary hot & cold drinks with various snacks for you to regain your energy and lost minerals.

A Professional and Sincere Spa Center where You Can Relieve of Your Stress with Health Benefits through Water and Massage Therapies: Scopus Spa

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