Massage Therapies at Your Own Place

Every day: 11:00 – 23:00
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The Opportunity to Get Massage Therapies at Your Own Place!

As Scopus Spa team, 5 years plus experience visits you at your own place. Scopus Spa & Health Club brings massage therapies to your hotel room, residence or office. We offer a variety of massages with our certified therapists. You can pick a massage below according to your needs. Call us for an appointment! Stay home! Stay safe!

Swedish Massage

Classic massage, aka Swedish massage, is the most basic massage type. Especially chosen by people who have sedentary work, this massage is one of the best ways to detoxicate your mind and body from factors such as stress and fatigue resulting from the heavy pace throughout working hours.

Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue is a strong massage type that consists of slow, rhythmic, and deep pressures and techniques on muscle tissues. This massage is recommended for those who prefer a stronger massage and have chronic pain, limited movement, postural defects, muscle tensions, and fibromyalgia. In contrast to less strong massage types, Deep Tissue relieves tiredness on the closest parts of the muscles on skeleton.

Mix Massage

Mix Massage is a type of massage enriched in multiple techniques with the help of heating cremes and aromatic oils. Mix Massage is effective against shoulder, back, neck, feet pain resulting from arthritis and rheumatism; moreover, it can relieve the stress originated from muscle pain, spasms, and tensions. Mix consists of four different Far East massage techniques.


Aromatherapy is applied with moderate strength techniques and with beautiful scented, natural oils made from different parts of plants such as flower, leaf, fruit, and seed. It is one of the less strong massage types that can deliver peaceful and enjoyable moments for you to reach your inner peace and soul-body-mind balance.


Anti-Stress massage is done trough focusing on the areas that cumulate stress on the posterior parts of the body. Although these areas are focused, Anti-Stress is a whole-body massage therapy. Try this massage when you feel stress on your neck, back, feet and sole.


Bali massage is traditionally originated from Bali island and it is one of the oldest and the most fundamental massage therapies. At the first stage of the therapy, the therapist uses their body weight to apply pressure on muscles and later continues with special techniques throughout the session. It is relatively stronger than Swedish with more pressures on the muscle tissues.

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